Working in Wildlife Photography frequently gives us the opportunity to share amazing experiences with outstanding conservation organizations, and the recent prospect of bringing two of our Texas favorites together was no exception.

On May 20th, we joined Texas Seaflife Center for one of their most beloved events, a sea turtle release. These amazing creatures were rescued during one of Texas’ largest cold-stunning events. However, unlike many of their compatriots, they needed surgery before release back into the wild.

Thanks to the amazing efforts of Amanda Terry, director of rehabilitation; Dr. Tim Tristan, DVM, DABVP; and an incredible team of volunteers, 10 of the remaining turtles were released back into the Gulf in front of a cheering crowd. We were there to capture the entire experience, from final health checks and shell measurements at the Sealife Center, to the public education session on the beach, and right through to watching the last glimpses of the turtles as they swam off into the surf. It was a great example of what this organization accomplishes with its completely donation-based program.

Before joining the team for this amazing experience, we spoke with another favorite of ours, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. As a leader in conservation and endangered species breeding, the team works globally not only to preserve and restore wildlife populations, but to educate and promote public awareness about “the delicate balance between people, animals and the environment.” We saw this as a great occasion to help both teams in their efforts, and are happy to share that they are now promoting Texas Sealife Center in the blog post from our own Katheryn Jager-Mc Alea: Fossil Rim Blog.

Both organizations are making a direct impact on endangered species and other amazing wildlife. Both are providing amazing experiences that help inspire people to help wildlife and the environment. Both are worth a visit and consideration for your donations.

Join us for a Texas Safari and Photography Experience at Fossil Rim this July: Details of Tour      

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Learn more about Texas Sealife Center at, and visit them on North Padre Island, TX. 

Learn more about Fossil Rim Wildlife Center at, and visit them in Glen Rose, TX.

Blog Author:  Katheryn Jager-Mc Alea

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