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Do you have a specific image or animal in mind for your art needs that you don’t see on our site? With over 650,000 images in our studio’s files, we may already have the images available to meet your personal or business art needs. If not, we are happy to work with you to create new art for your custom project. Please submit your commission request with as much detail as possible (subject, size, deadline, print medium – canvas, metal, paper) at sales@garymcalea.com


We work with a number of businesses to capture images of their animals, including local wildlife, domesticated animals, pets and livestock. We will also combine other subjects for your business while on location to give you a complete marketing package. To discuss business and product photography packages, please call us at +1 (737) 203-7909 or email us at sales@garymcalea.com


Gary has a real love of wildlife, and has worked with various non-profits to provide photography support. Organizations that support wildlife conservation, endangered species preservation or similar efforts can contact sales@garymcalea.com to discuss opportunities for photography programs and partnerships.

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